What Are Property Manager Choices for Getting Higher Occupancy?  What Can Single Property Owners Do to Get Higher Occupancy?

1.  Join more high profile “booking” directory sites.

2.  Advertise on TV, Radio, billboards, etc.

3.  Advertise in Travel Magazines.

4.  Try to do it all yourself. Including the learning how.


1-3 are expensive, even if they work to different degrees.  But they don’t really care about you and your problems.  And they are usually pretty inflexible.  You need to do things their way.

Number 4 is expensive in time and trial and error.

What does that leave?  Just One Scary Choice…   Hire a Professional!

You might have dealt with these before.  There are basically 3 types:

  1. The slick salesman.  He will tell you anything and sound believable.  The telltale sign is that his program will “Make You Rich!” and “Solve all your Problems”, and don’t forget his slogan…   “Trust me!”
  2. The well-meaning salesman. He is eager to help and works for a big company. He has no idea what to do.  But he knows his company’s cookie cutter “One size fits all” approach.  He has the “Big Boys” behind him.  Unfortunately, his company is about as caring as the choices above.  They only talk money, not your needs.  They will either give you things you don’t need, double up on things you already have, or they will leave big holes that they don’t care about or don’t include in their “program”.

Then you come to the only real choice…

  1. The experienced professional who truly understands your needs.  He has asked the right questions instead of dictating your solutions.  He has dug and dug and thought about you and your problems.  He makes you say “Wow!” because he MAKES SENSE.  And he knows to learn about what’s new and better (or worse).

These people are rare, and usually expensive.  But the price is well worth it because you will get results, or he will adjust until you do.  And he will keep adjusting even when you get results to make them better and fit the changing markets and your changing needs.

This type will partner with you because they really care about your success.  Why?  Professional survival.  They know how to explore and adapt.  They know that if you succeed, they ultimately succeed.  They want clients who will stay with them as the hills and valleys of the road to success twist and turn.  They will EARN your trust

Ave Occupancy Rate
Your Ave Occupancy Rate


Google Profile and Other Listing Locations

When someone looks for vacation rentals in your area on Google, what will they find?  Try it yourself and see.

Features:  Look under these tabs at the top of the search results:

  • The first page that comes up are all listings.  This includes 3 main sections – Paid listings, Local Map profile listings, and Regular Organic Listings.  Paid listings can be expensive.  The map listings don’t include “the big boys” .  This should be your first focus!  But not your only focus.
  • Maps Tab – This is a local search and includes listings Google can find in order of reliability.
  • Images Tab – Shows photo images for that search.
  • Video Tab –  This is where you can shine.  If you have videos, they can show here with everyone else.  Learn how to rank high on this list.  If you own or manage many properties, this gets easier.  Ask me how.

Correct Facebook & Social Media Structure & Posting Management


Many Facebook Pages need optimization.  It’s not extremely complicated, but there are a lot of options available that you might not be aware of to make your Facebook page more visible and higher in search results, in Facebook, as well as other social media and search results.

We will optimize your Facebook page and add a video header, if necessary.  It will be customized with your information and tailored for your property or properties.


A Strong Optimized Location Website or Group Profile

Property Real Estate and Vacation Rentals require a special treatment to showcase the properties that are individualized and not a cookie cutter that looks like every other property site used for real estate or vacation rental companies.

Also video and “tours” should become a focal point in your website. And geotagging the photos and videos help tremendously for local search. That is difficult for the big booking or realtor sites that are not localized. That can be an advantage for you if you get it done properly.

But note that your current website might just need a little editing to get it right. You want to separate yourself from the crowd.

A quick and free analysis can give us the information for what needs to be addressed in your website.


Video Is Here…

If you are not incorporating video into your marketing for your properties, now is the time.  Soon, many will get the message and competition will be fierce.

But if you get in first and include video, you will get more power from all your online marketing, from your website traffic, to search positioning, to Facebook, and especially your local branding.  Whether your vacationers come from Europe, Asia, the US, Canada, or down the road, they will be looking for areas to rent.

They won’t be just cruising through one of the booking sites with no idea of where they want to go.  And if they do that, they are probably not decided on a destination.  But, once they decide, they will do a search for that destination when they are ready to make plans and a reservation.

It will be nice if you show up in the search because of your foresight to combine your website, listings management, google optimization, and social media into a force for that “ready to go” renter.  Video will make all of the other tools work better to get you showing where people look.

And…they will get a better feel for the value of your property and features and the benefits you will provide for them.

No matter where a vacationer starts their search, you want them to end with YOU!

So don’t wait until everyone has this.  Then you will play catch up, and that’s tough.  Instead, make it tough on your competition by getting in early and then staying on top with ongoing support.



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